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Wanted 84 people


Wanted 84 people serious about making some serious money in the next 48 months.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  I’m looking for 84 people with staying power, people willing to commit 48 months to developing your wealth.  I will take the lead in developing a group the will prosper.  You see I realize something a while back, that is that everyone is not a marketer.  Everyone is not a sales person, and everyone doesn’t understand the secret of network marketing.


In all reality its really easy, the main step in marketing is to stay the course, you see for the average person it takes about 48 months to grow a down line that will generate a cash flow.  The second step is the marketing plan and the third is the company.  You get one of those steps wrong and you might as well just throw your money away.


Now the fourth thing is get in a group, and not just any group, you see a group is a team if one wins, we all win if one loses, we all might as well lose.  But that is not how most groups operate; you see they reward you for your recruitment effort.  The thing that is wrong with that is those if you can’t recruit you lose.  But understand this recruitment is important, but it’s not as important as getting them in the program and paying there fee or buying product.  You see you can have a down line of 10,000 but if they don’t join the program and stay paid up you might as well have non.


We only want people who are serious about wanting to change there life, people who need to make a change and are willing to get in the program and stay the course until they do.  We don’t need the drama, and we don’t want the curiosity seeker.  We want to show you that network marketing is a viable source and that with the WoodsGroup it will work for you.


Now to separate the curiosity seeker from the people really interested in changing their life.  It will cost $10 to get to next part. Now if your really interested you don’t have to worry because your money will help you sign up for the program we have choose.


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