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Go to PayPal (join if you haven't yet) at

and "send" $1 of the $5 they give you to join to the e-mail address in the #1 position through 5 on the list below. The person you send the $1 to will add your name to there E-mail Safelist.

2. After you have done that, delete the e-mail address in the #1position,move the other four e-mail addresses up and enter your e-mail address inthe #5 position, then copy the new message and e-mail it to at least other 100 people. (use the spamfree safelists!) In fact, mail to as many people as you can!

3. When your name reaches the #1 position, you will have over 3,000 people sending you $1 = $3,000, and you can join as often as you like! This is perfectly moral and legal. You are selling information and a service for $5! One Dollar a person.

4. You will receive e-mail on ocassion from every one you sent a dollar, and you have the right to send e-mail to everyone who sends you a dollar. Have a great time with this! it works, and it's fun! Here's the list






There's only one thing that's more fun than this! By the way, you'll make a thousand dollars in PayPal referral fees to! It is awesome! Getin on it today!This is fast, easy and fun! Especially if you have a great (hint)mailinglist! Plus with your marketing avenues you stand to make quit a bit of cash!

God bless!

Thank you


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