The world is an unsafe place, because unsafe people inhabit it. Now what if there was an agency that take care of unsafe people, Permanently.  Unauthorize Access is about an agency that does just that, very well.

It has come to my attention that this world is full of bad people, They kill, rob and maimed just because they can.  Governments all over the world are corrupt, the real victims are the people.

Written By Willie Woods

Is an up and coming author, Who has written over 40 books to his credit. He has never been publish because he wrote the books for himself. But now it's time to let the world see them. With a little coaxing I convinced Willie that the world needed to hear what he had to say.

This first book is only the tip of the iceberg of what a genius mind can conceive.  I think you will enjoy this simple read, I did.  Remember there are nine more books in this series, and you can't get this book anywhere else.

Get you copy today.

Somewhere along the way a group of people got tired of being the victim, so they form an agency designed to get rid of the problems.  UAA is a spy thriller, except they take spying one step further.  Instead of spying UAA agents are killer's and thats what they do very well.

Their playground is the world and they patrol this playground with a fine tooth comb.  Their main target is terrorist, but the area drug dealers and gang bangers are not immune.   Experience the new ways to balance the world.  Watch as the pages of UAA bring your imagination to life.

This book is book one of a ten book series, and they will only get better.  Get your copy of UAA Authorize Access and venture in to the life's, of a new type of hero.  One that has been called to the aid of his country to commit the total sacrifice " to kill for his country".. Get Your Copy Today

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In a world where things get worst before they get better you need an outlet to express your  dissatisfaction.  Some people lie, some people cheat, I write.  With may pen and paper I can change my world. at least the one that I'm writing about.  I say that to say this,  there is a book in every one of us, we may not get published, we may not sale a single copy.  But that doesn't matter because the medicine is in the fact that we had the guts to let our thoughts out.  Help make me a successful writer, buy and critique this book. So the next one can be even better, Get Your Copy Here