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Purchase your airline tickets here, make hotel reservations here, find vacation packages here, make the woodsgroup travelgallary your first stop, we want to be your number travel supplier.  We specialize in small businesses if you have travel needs, we have a way to fill them.  Get your car rentals and cruise deals at the travel agency that is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. We are here to serve you.

Ever needed to take a trip, ever needed to get out of town at the last minute, if you have ever been a victim of last minute travel you know that you are a hostage to the industry.  Fares go up from 100 Dollars to one thousand dollars.  Every one can't plan 21 days ahead, some people can't even plan seven days in advance. If you miss either cut off then you are at the mercy of the airlines.  Most of the sites listed on this page deal with helping the airlines fill empty seats. Tip: most airlines list their fees and flights on Wednesdays.

These site are the cream of the industry, they are designed to help save you money.  You can either buy direct and pay more or use the same clearing houses the industry us to clear their unsold surplus.  Use these resources to shop and compare, then take advantage of the discount, and pass the word on.  Because in the travel industry there is enough for every one.  If you would like to be a part of this industry Click Here


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